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GOIP’s MPLS network is a China-based service where we offer cross-country solutions for our clients. The service creates a Virtual Private Network connecting all of the company’s offices, which provides a high-quality multimedia solution (data, image and voice) easily adaptable to your growing needs.


  •         Low cost, high speed and high-quality network
  •         An integrated network for voice (VoIP), data, video conference and ERP
  •         Scalable and flexible service to facilitate large-scale & multi-site deployment
  •         Able to meet a wide range of requirements, including security & QoS
  •         Providing a fully managed services to customers
  •         Free-on-loan equipment to reduce the initial investment


Private Circuits

MPLS Circuits

Dedicated Physical Circuits

Dedicated Virtual Circuits

Network re-dimension needed with additional nodes & lease circuits

“Any-to-any” meshed connection

No need to re-dimension VPN with additional nodes

Lower Scalability

Higher Scalability

Higher wide-area networking cost

Lower wide-area networking cost

Longer service deployment lead time for physical circuits

Shorter service deployment lead time, local connection to the nearest POP site


Since MPLS-VPNs do not require encryption, there is often a concern over the security implications of using MPLS to tunnel non-encrypted traffic over a public IP network.

There are a couple of points to consider:


An IEPL is an International Ethernet Private Line. The IEPL is a true Ethernet circuit from one end to the other. This means that you can operate the circuit without the need for a router or CSU/DSU by configuring the circuit on the MAC address level. While the cost of an IEPL may be more expensive, the elimination of the router costs should factor into your decision process. Pure Ethernet circuits will provide less jitter and higher performance than the IPLC.

IEPL has become available in most major areas, therefore, you see more IEPL circuits. Depending on your specific requirements, there are alternative technologies available to satisfy your point-to-point connectivity requirements.

Features of our IEPL:

  •     Point-to-point private connections
  •     Through physical separation, safe and dedicated service
  •     Fully private circuit and dedicated bandwidth for every and each service  subscriber
  •     Protected and Unprotected solutions
  •     Dedicated route
  •     Point-to-point international connectivity
  •     Services Level Agreement

GOIP provides customers with safe, simple and efficient global internet access services, enabling customers to access a wide range of applications through high-bandwidth, high-stability China, Hong Kong and international BGP channels.

GOIP’s backbone network between Hong Kong and China, is built on China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile three major state-owned operators’ resources backbone network above the private IP network, interconnect with international carriers through independent international IP Exits. Its zero-congestion IP broadband network, provide customers with Corporate-Class high quality network services.