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One Stop IT Outsourcing Solutions for your business to simplify and optimize tasks

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As a business grows, it will reach a point where it runs out of resources, realizing that its infrastructure requires regular maintenance and driving to a better solution with less work. As a result, organizations must look for a dependable IT service provider.

GOIP Aula, an experienced ICT and Managed Service provider, offers new and good solutions to businesses, assisting them in resolving the complications of business operations while staying up-to-date with technology trends and minimizing costs.

GOIP has extensive expertise in providing customers with one-stop managed services, including network and IT infrastructure management, setup, installation, maintenance, and more.

Our infrastructure outsourcing services assist clients in lowering costs while also increasing efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. The idea of managed services and IT outsourcing is to simplify work and to increase efficiency that creates and achieves better results and responsiveness in businesses. 


Increase your profitability

Our managed service creates value for businesses with one stop effective solutions domestically and internationally.

Extend your reach into new regions

Expand your business to new regions and discover new opportunities in remote markets.

Increase efficiency and competitiveness

Our managed services can improve your business competitiveness and create an edge for your business.

Stay focused on your core business

When organizations attempt to perform all IT Services in house, they typically incur increased research, development and implementation.

Control IT Costs

Outsourcing converts variable costs into fixed IT costs and allows you to budget effectively.

Simplify your operations

We have a team of certified engineers and professional project managers of the industry to help improve business performance.


Service Desk Services

(Phone, Email & Remote Support) Customer/IT Service and ICT service representing your company in China with both bilingual speaking representatives cutting help desk costs by 30 percent to 50 percent.

On Site Support

On site technical support available in HK, Greater China, & APAC countries representing your company.

Network Security

Firewall, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Intrusion prevention

Software & Operating System

Installation & Maintenance of OS system, Windows, Linux and other software.

Video Conference & Collaboration Service

Dedicated video conference and collaboration server helps our engineer to remotely solve various computer problems for the customer.

Hardware Installation & Configuration

(Switch/Router/ Firewall) Server setup and monitoring.

IT Service & Infrastructure

Application and registration of local loop, DIA, and public cloud in Hong Kong, Greater China, and Asia Pacific countries.