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IT Outsourcing allows you to get more done and trust important tasks and processes to professionals without having to actually grow your full-time team in a significant way.

With this innovation-driven generation, IT has become an essential tool for every business to stay competitive in the market as it fosters innovation within a business by coming out with smarter apps, better communication platforms, faster processing, improved data storage, and wider information distribution. In other words, IT allows a business to operate more efficiently both internally and externally. However, IT investment can be costly both time and financially. Performing IT services in-house requires IT professionals or an IT team which is expensive.

The process of developing an IT team and performing IT services in-house is challenging and time-consuming as it involves many stages such as recruiting, training, research, development, implementation time, and so on, and these do not ensure the quality and result at the end. It shows how challenging it is especially for the small-medium enterprise that must compete with those larger companies that already have their own technology and expertise.

Here comes the best suggestion for the small-medium enterprises which is to have IT outsourcing, as it allows the company to move away from the complex IT environment through managed services. There are several benefits to have managed IT services in the business. Firstly, it allows better control of the IT costs for small-medium enterprises by converting them from variable costs into fixed costs. Partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) usually requires the client to pay monthly or annually for the services which in turn helps the business to budget more effectively. The quality of service provided by MSP is also being assured as MSP involves the IT team that is trained, experienced, qualified, and certified. Simultaneously, the labor costs can be saved whereby the company can focus their human resources on the area they needed the most instead of putting time in hiring and training an IT staff. The small-medium enterprises can also enjoy high-level support on up-to-date tech which allows them to act “big” by accessing the similar technology and expertise that the large companies enjoy. By partnering with MSP, the risks incurred are also reduced as they will manage much of the risks for their clients, with specific industry knowledge especially security and compliance issues that belong to their areas of expertise.

In addition, the long-term relationship with MSP allows them to have greater accountability to help the business with any IT issues due to their familiarity with the business and the system over time. Without worrying about complex technology-related issues, the enterprises are able to put more attention on their core business that could contribute to better productivity and profitability.

Managed IT solutions are growing in popularity as many enterprises realize their importance in ensuring smooth day-to-day business operations. There are many benefits to be gained when outsourcing IT solutions through managed services.

1) Low and controlled costs

Managed service such as IT outsourcing is cheaper than hiring and training an IT team or department. Through a monthly or annual subscription, managed IT solutions will not only deal with day-to-day IT operations but also provide troubleshooting services and system updates on a regular basis. This helps the company to keep abreast with the current IT trends, which in turn shows the vitality of the company. Moreover, with a fixed IT cost, this allows the company to plan their budget effectively. Managed services also allow companies to customize their plans and only pay for what they use.

2) Focus on core business

IT troubleshooting can occur at the most inconvenient time and be extremely time-consuming to the untrained staff. By leaving IT operations to industry experts, employees can focus their time and effort on revenue-generating activities without worrying about complex IT issues. The company can thus focus all their resources effectively on what they do best, that is, providing the best products available and/or quality services. The outsourced IT solutions will deal with mundane technical difficulties.

3) Level the playing field

Many small and medium enterprises do not have the monetary resources to compete with larger enterprises. Managed services are able to provide small and medium enterprises the kind of technology comparable to those available in larger enterprises, providing a level playing field. Smaller companies gain a competitive edge to contend with big companies, which allows for more growth and innovation to occur within the business and the industry. This also allows smaller companies to capitalize on their growth opportunities as they are no longer shackled by inferior technology.

Many small and medium enterprises choose IT outsourcing to reduce costs and improve efficiency, as immediate IT solutions can incur unpredictable costs and take away resources that can otherwise be better invested in the company’s core services. With managed services such as IT outsourcing, the enterprise can focus on what they do best-providing top-quality products and/or outstanding services.

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