GOIP were at the International ICT Expo 2021 from 27 to 30 October 2021 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre to learn about SD-WAN and SASE solutions by GOIP Group in collaboration with Hillstone Networks. Talk to our experts and discover how an SD-WAN and SASE solution can benefit your business. We look forward to seeing you there!

The need for a more secure enterprise network accelerated when the pandemic dispersed the workforce. Legacy network and security are no longer sufficient as a more secure and robust enterprise network is needed to support employees that are scattered outside the traditional workplace. Fortunately, an SD-WAN and SASE solution is here to solve this issue.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network. It is, in essence, a cloud-based WAN which enables the management of an enterprise network through a centralized control system that is decoupled from all networking hardware. SD-WAN also provides visibility to the entire WAN, which means that network administrators can easily monitor a complex network from one location and troubleshoot through a single platform.

What is SASE?

SASE, or secure access service edge, is a cloud-based network security model wherein security is delivered directly to the end user, device, or branch office, based on digital identity. SASE enables the enterprise network and security to be managed cohesively, offering multiple perks from complete security management to absolute network protection.

How can SD-WAN and SASE help your enterprise?

Together, SD-WAN and SASE make a powerful tool for managing the enterprise network and security. Both network and security administration are managed through a single centralized management platform, reducing management complexity. Moreover, both types of technology enable cost savings: SD-WAN reduces bandwidth expenditure by using more affordable connectivity types (e.g., broadband and 5G) to build the enterprise network while SASE reduces security expenditure by delivering uniform security to the entire mishmash of an enterprise network, regardless of hardware or connection type.

Besides that, SD-WAN improves network performance and enhances business continuity through load sharing and steering the network traffic intelligently (also known as dynamic path selection), which also increases network resiliency. SASE improves network security and performance by delivering security functions altogether at once, performing security inspections on data packets in one shot rather than several times for different security policies and functions. 

Last but not least, SD-WAN provides complete visibility to the enterprise network, allowing network administrators to gain full control over the network and scale whenever needed. Network traffic bottlenecks can be detected and rectified immediately by scaling the network bandwidth. SASE, on the other hand, delivers complete session protection using a Zero Trust approach, eliminating trust assumptions when users, devices, and applications connect. By doing so, each new and existing connection is scrutinised and monitored consistently for suspicious activities for complete and utter protection.

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