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GOIP provides internet data center service in Hong Kong, Greater China and APAC, supporting management and maintenance of IT systems and networks. We offer a number of business solutions including managed serviceserver hostingredundancysecurity and disaster recovery, and more.

Besides that, we also offer cost-effective and scalable colocation services to host your mission-critical applications, setting you free from massive investments in IT infrastructure, in which your servers will be monitored by experienced onsite technical staff 24/7.

Remote support is also available to solve any urgent issues anytime.

Choosing a reliable provider is important as we know that any downtime of either internal or external applications that lasts even for a minute can cost you revenue and customer loyalty. GOIP is experienced in handling all your operational needs for utility hosting, transition hosting and application hosting through:

  •         Standard 42U, 45U, 52U Rack for Server, router hosting
  •         Data Centre Internet service with multiple international routing path
  •         High Speed DIA Internet at Data Centre
  •         IP Transit service to overseas countries
  •         7×24 Server Support, Network Support
  •         7×24 Uninterrupted Power supply environment
  •         7×24 Data centre technical support