Everyone knows that SaaS is here to stay, and the transformative enterprises are leading the charge in moving to and creating cloud-first environments to deliver the best user experiences and most profitable businesses. Software as a Service has changed the way people utilize software and has dramatically increased the amount of software used in day-to-day work. However, due to the incremental usage of SaaS Applications, there are much more requirements for SaaS optimization to drive a better, more holistic SaaS experience.

GOIP SaaS Optimization offers SaaS applications of leading enterprise such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, Microsoft Teams offers end-to-end acceleration and performance measurement 

Our SaaS Optimization allows businesses to reach out to their SaaS application wherever they are by optimizing SaaS application usage across Mainland China and APAC regions. With the growth of the mobile workforce around the world, SaaS Optimization plays an important role with global workforces that need to remain always-on the use of SaaS applications. Hence, it is increasingly hard to predict each user’s experience of the applications they use to stay productive. This cloud-based, fully managed service accelerates SaaS application performance by overcoming network inhibitors such as latency, congestion, and the unpredictable user-experiences of today’s mobile workforce.

How GOIP SaaS Optimization Helps Your Business?

SaaS Optimization helps to accelerate SaaS and Cloud-based application usage within Mainland China and Worldwide. It also optimizes SaaS Applications from China for a better user experience. Users experience slow latency whilst using SaaS Applications, for instance, Office 365 or Teams accessing from China into other countries. Nevertheless, GOIP SaaS Optimization provides better route and acceleration with the connection from Mainland China/APAC Region PoP to Hong Kong/Singapore PoP, then connecting the SaaS Application through Hong Kong/Singapore PoP Internet.  

The lists of SaaS Optimization that we can optimize and accelerate are:

According to statistics, it was shown that there are roughly 800 million China internet users, which is equivalent to the total population of Russia, Japan, and US combined. China is no doubt a vast market for businesses nowadays.

One of the major problems is that China users are experiencing slow loading time on foreign websites. Site visitors expect a 2 seconds loading, but yet almost 89% of sites took 5 seconds or more to load in China. Do you ever wonder why such a phenomenon existing? One of the many issues causing slow loading time is that China uses Deep Packet Inspection to monitor the internet, which sometimes may cause packet loss, meaning that the requested data couldn’t make it to a user’s computer. Now, the lost packet has to be retransmitted via the congested line, which equals slow load time and bad user experience.


In addition, the GFW also blocks Facebook and Google which provide many essential libraries and apps for engineers that are widely adopted. For example, Google Analytics is widely used by most websites globally. But since Google is being blocked in China, any website with Google Analytics installed will take longer to load. Multinational companies (MNC) in China that use Microsoft O365, Google Drive will usually have no or poor connection due to China’s Great Firewall. With our low latency, stable backbone, we’re able to provide a SaaS optimization solution to these companies to overcome their connectivity issues. Allowing the users in MNC branches in China to access these resources (Microsoft 365, Teams, Google, etc.)


SaaS Optimization Acceleration VS SD-WAN

SaaS Optimization and SD-WAN are both independent solutions. GOIP can provide either a combination or separate solution according to the customer’s business requirements. If a customer chooses the combination of SD-WAN and SaaS Optimization, the device and router of SD-WAN will be given and used for both SD-WAN and SaaS Optimization purposes. Site visitors from different countries will expect faster and reliable internet speed. One of the problems arisen is that different countries, for instance, China have strict traffic controlling system, hence, the speed of internet will be affected. This is where SaaS Optimization is needed. SaaS optimization helps to optimize and accelerate SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office, Teams and Zoom to improve business operations. 

Provided a successful case study handle by GOIP below: 

SD-WAN SaaS Optimization For A Logistics Company In Shanghai

The customer has 20 offices in China, headquartered in Shanghai and needs to accelerate 0365 business of each route, shunt traffic, access domestic business from the China Internet, and accelerate overseas network for overseas business.

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