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The task of managing technology in a world of digital transformation is nothing but challenging. As clients and partners expect innovative solutions, groundbreaking ideas and services, and more consistent delivery, the bar is often raised.

Why not focus on what matters the most, your clients and your business? Work with us to fulfill your IT needs.

Let us assist in maintaining the availability, stability, efficiency, and scalability of your IT demands, platforms, systems, and data.

Talk to us today on how you can enhance the management of your IT systems.

Our Service Areas

a) Help Desk Services (Phone, E-mail, Remote Support)

We offer bilingual (English & Chinese) customer support and IT support on your behalf to your clients, cutting your help desk costs by 30% to 50%. Support can be provided through phone calls, e-mails, as well as remotely.

b) Onsite Support

Onsite technical support, while growing out of style, is still an integral part of IT set up. Whether you are setting up a new office in China or encounter any technical difficulties that need hands on support, we will go to you to assist you.

c) IT Service/Infrastructure Application & Registration

We are able to help you apply and register any IT services or infrastructure in Greater China and Hong Kong. This includes application and registration of local loop, dedicated internet access (DIA), and public cloud that are located in China or Hong Kong.

d) Network Security

The network security of your business is a valid concern. We can provide firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, and intrusion prevention services to enhance the security of your business network. Send your data from one location to another in a secure manner.

e) Software & Operating System Installation & Maintenance

We offer software and operating system installation services for your business. Be it Windows, Linux, or other software or operating systems, we can do it for you. We also offer to maintain your software and operating systems, providing necessary updates when needed.

f) Hardware Installation & Configuration (Switch/Router/Firewall) and Server Set Up/Monitoring

We can set up your hardware and network server in Greater China. We also provide active monitoring of your server for errors and inconsistencies to prevent unnecessary and expensive downtimes.

How We Can Help

  • Provide a one-stop-shop solution to all your IT needs
  • Provide high-availability Service Levels
  • Proactively monitor and maintain all aspects of you IT infrastructure and operations to guarantee the optimal performance
  • Strengthen resolution and response times through remote and/or onsite support
  • Based on your company’s needs, provide recommendations of setup, tools, or platforms to support the delivery of managed services
  • Run health scans on your system and infrastructure to detect and resolve potential issues
  • Frees up your IT team to focus on strategic, profitable projects while we look after the mundane day-to-day IT operations
  • Backup your company’s data and provide infrastructure recovery in the event of a disaster

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